LAS VEGAS – SonicWALL Peak Performance has been a highlight of my conference schedule for many years.  It was only 10 or so years ago I met two longtime friends because of Peak. Ernie Sherman, who runs an IT company in Ottawa named Fuelled Networks, and Todd Crystal, AKA Johnny Vegas from Montreal’s Spencomp Solutions. These two guys helped shape the person I am today. All because we met through SonicWALL’s event at Caesar’s Palace many years ago.

I was fortunate to sit down with Todd Crystal at Peak Performance this year and catch up with him. It has been years since Todd and I have spoken face-to-face, and it was great to share some time with him and get up to speed on how Spencomp’s relationship with SonicWALL is going.

Spencomp continues to be a strong supporter of SonicWALL. Even through the Dell years, Crystal and his team have been loyal partners. There is a real need for businesses to have a robust security platform. Spencomp saw the writing on the wall at that first Peak Performance and decided to make an investment in security.

“Anyone can sell a server,” says Crystal, “We (Spencomp) focus more on security. It is not a commodity like a server, workstation, or a laptop. It is a solution sell, and therefore more opportunity for Spencomp to provide something our clients will appreciate.”